Welcome to Bob’s book blog. My name is Bob, I’m 39, and I’ve worked in and around the publishing industry since leaving school. I’ve been a print production manager at a small training company, a web editor for a family run booksellers, a web researcher for a dot.com startup, deputy editor of a local ‘what’s on’ magazine and most recently have worked in the warehouse of a major University Press.

None of the above was planned as such, it all just kind of happened. Now I’m nearly 40 I thought it would be a good idea to back-up my experiences with some qualifications, so I’m now studying full-time for an MA in publishing.

The course is happening at a really interesting time in publishing, as new technology such as the Kindle is changing perceptions of what it means to be a publisher, and what the terms “book” and “bookselling” even mean. I feel like the industry is in the middle of a whirlwind right now. Where the pieces will settle in a few years time, who can tell? I’m excited by Kindles and iPads, but I still love printed books and independent bookshops.

Anyway, I’ll use this blog to report on what I find and post up interesting snippets and what-not. You can follow me on Twitter @bobcw

Thanks for reading.



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