The Da Vinci Cost

I’ve never been a fan of Dan Brown, and The Da Vinci Code doesn’t appeal to me. But someone out there sure as hell likes it. According to Wikipedia, The Da Vinci Code has sold 80 million copies and is the best selling English language novel of the 21st century. I know, I should never quote Wikipedia. These facts could be fiction. But without a doubt Dan Brown’s book has shifted quite a few units since it first appeared in 2003.

As such, I thought it would be a good book to use in an experiment, that is, how much does a Kindle version of this popular backlist title cost, compared to a printed version?

To follow is a quick list of how much I could spend on a copy, as of yesterday:

  • Library – free
  • Used on Amazon (inc postage) – £1.35
  • Used from Cancer Research Shop  – £1.50
  • Kindle Edition – £4.74
  • New from Amazon (inc postage) – £4.74
  • New from – £4.99
  • Sainsbury’s – £4.99
  • W H Smith – £5.59
  • Waterstones – £6.39
  • Tesco – £6.39
  • Blackwell’s – £7.99
  • Apple iBook Store – £8.95

So, the Kindle version is as cheap as the printed version from Amazon, which I was a bit surprised about. But the thing is, I haven’t got a Kindle. I’d like one, I’m all for it, but how many ebooks would I have to buy to make it cost effective? If I bought the 3G version tomorrow, plus a copy of Dan Brown’s bestseller, it would cost me £156. Which is a bit steep.

And don’t get me started on the un-availability of chronological back-list fiction titles on the Kindle – that’s a whole other post…


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