John Lydon’s Scrapbook

John Lydon's new bookJohn Lydon has put an exclusive book together for his fans, and stated that to do so he “decided to go outside of using book publishing companies”.

I wonder who did put the book together? It’s a top quality product, has the added value of an exclusive vinyl record, and pictures hand signed by John. If you’re a clebritry like him, it must be quite easy to get on TV and radio shows to market the book, and I would guess he has legions of fans who would be keen to buy this exclusive product. Add in publicity by social media and marketing at gigs, and you couldn’t be a fan of his and not know about the book.

A clip of John talking about the book on Daybreak is here: johnlydon

The website for his book is here: mrrottensscrapbook

According to his website, “the first 100 books sold within 24 hours of going on pre-order. Over 50% of total book quota were sold on pre-order.” At £449 each, with only 750 copies, he could make £336,750.


One Comment to “John Lydon’s Scrapbook”

  1. I was gonna buy one; and then I saw the price ! There are so many good art and photography books out there that I will never see due to costing more than 50p which is my current credit limit ……..

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