The London Book Fair

9:30 So here I am at the London Book Fair in Earls Court. First impressions are it’s like a big international railway station, with people speaking many languages, but with no trains. I love people watching, and my current perch, supping a cappuccino and poncing about with a (borrowed) iPad, seems ideal. I’ll be blogging later for a seminar on The Talent Time Bomb, wish me luck! Right, I’m going to stop posing and go find the CUP stand. Laters!

11:06 Phew, I think I’ve gone stand-blind. There’s a curious vibe to the stands, in that they seem to have an invisible force-field around them. As you approach the carpeted area, at least one eyeball of the stand-guardian will swivel in your direction, even if they’re talking to someone else.

I’ve picked up about half a ton of literature, it’s surprising what catches your eye. So far I’m finding the large corporate stands to be impressive but bland, with the smaller publishers trying a lot harder to be different. Stands that have caught my eye so far are Haynes, who have some fun crossover titles, and Bag of Badgers, who have the best colophon so far.

I’m now upstairs in the restaurant, which appears to be deserted, and is a welcome area of calm away from the neon. On my way here I successfully avoided a wild-eyed pirate lady who was pimping for L.Ron Hubbard. She’s lurking at the bottom of the escalator – I think I’ll take the stairs.
Back into the fray. Ta-ta.

16:34 Well, that’s it, I’m sitting on the train home. Blogging for Skillset was great fun – it really focused my mind to type a report of the seminar as it happened. It was also great to meet all involved, and be a part of it. Special thanks to @sashers for the bottle of wine 🙂 I’ll post some links to the session once it’s up on the Skillset site.

I’ve got a bag full of promotional literature, a head full of ideas, and an iPad to grudgingly return to the IT department. Thanks LBF11. Now how to plan how I can visit next year…


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